I struggled to find a title for this blog that did what titles should do: both hook and inform the reader. I want a blog that shares my love of the garden, the kitchen, and the pen. It also needs to speak to simplicity and sustainability.

  • Raspberries: The banner to this page shows last summer’s raspberries in my garden. The plants were growing here when we bought the house nearly thirty years ago, and they are wonderful red raspberries. They are something that grows in spite of the negligent care they have often received, but when tended, they–like all of us–thrive. We eat them continually and extravagantly when they are in season. When not eating them off the cane, I’m driven to capture them in as many preserved forms as I can: jam, jelly, sauce, chocolate/raspberry sauce, raspberry vinegar. In my mind, they represent what I can do to support local harvest and sustainability, one garden, one home at a time. They are not all that I grow, but their seniority combined with the fact that they begin with the letter “R,” makes them the perfect candidate.
  • Rabbits: I would have used groundhogs here, except I liked the alliteration and chose the other garden “visitor” that troubles me. So, rabbits represent the challenges that one faces in gardening–organic gardening in my case–when dealing with natural forces that would like to share your bounty. They also represent the societal pressures that work against locavores and folks who value sustainable living.
  • Rutabagas: Confess again, it’s all for alliteration. I’ve never eaten a rutabaga, however, since gardening more actively over the last few years, I’ve become exposed to many new possibilities for gardening and eating. Rutabagas represent diversity and flexibility. Great tools in the garden–and just about everywhere else.

So what can you expect to find here? Potpourri: tales and recipes from the kitchen, struggles and hopefully triumphs in the garden, tips and tricks on home food preservation from my book, Can It! and more that will be revealed and we continue the journey.