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I live in a little suburban town outside Hartford. It’s roots are agricultural, and there are still two farm stands close to me and a number of orchards, but mostly it’s a pretty yuppie bedroom town. You know you’ve achieved full Yuphood when you have a coffee roaster within walking distance. In our town of 30,000 some folks, we’ve got two Starbucks, one local roaster called Daybreak (which is great and was popular long before Starbucks made expensive coffee fashionable.) One would think plenty of coffee to keep us buzzing.  But I guess not…

There’s a little strip mall a stone’s toss from me. In it you’ll find a mom and pop grocery, an Asian restaurant to die for, a local video store — yes, a video store that is not Blockbuster — a barber shop, and now (drum roll please) in the spot that has struggled to stay occupied is So G Coffee Roasters. They are still pulling it together, so the digs are a bit more rustic than the sleek Starbucks that you are accustomed to. But the coffee is great, the folks very friendly, and — here’s the point of this blog — I have almost infinite access to coffee grounds for my compost pile!

How cool is this! I take a five-gallon pail there in the morning. At five in the afternoon, that same pail is sitting outside their door filled with the day’s grounds. They’re happy to recycle them; I’m happy to compost them; my compost pile is delighted with the variety! Win, win, win! Probably can’t take all of their grounds as eventually they will overpower the other components (see Eliot Coleman’s comments on green vs brown), but it’s a real boon to my production of brown gold.

If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by So G Coffee! You’ll get a great cup ‘o joe, be supporting local business (always a good thing), and you’ll be supporting my garden (always a good thing, too).

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