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apples — after, aka, applesauce

I’ll be doing my first canning demo for the new year on Sunday, January 15, 2017 at the Coventry Farmers’ Market, starting around 11:30. The plan is to demo my ever-popular “Ava’s Applesauce.” (click link for prior post and recipe.) Worried about getting apples in January? That’s a reasonable concern, but I’ve seen plenty at my local grocery stores. Also, check with some of your local orchards. They may not appear to be open, but I’ve found in the past that if you call them, they may have some of last fall’s apples in storage, ready to eat or convert into applesauce.

I have a growing contingent of grandbabies and  grandkids who inhale this sauce! Hard to keep up with demand, but it’s a joyous “problem” to have!  This sauce easy to make, simple to can, and contains no sugar, additives, preservatives, or other unseemly stuff. Life is good.

Hope that you can stop by on January 15 in Coventry. The market is a great one and makes a fun and flavorful Sunday excursion. Here are the details:

Weed Walk and Cheese Tasting at Beltane Farm in Lebanon, CT

This just got passed along to me, and it seems like just plain fun! I’ll be there for sure.

Enjoy an afternoon stroll around the farmland identifying plants and herbs that grow wild. Learn their uses, history and attributes Join Pam Brundage, an expert in wild plants. Afterwards, enjoy a private cheese tasting with cheeses made right on the farm. Meet the goats, see where the cheese is made.
Sunday July 26th at 1:00pm at Beltane Farm
59 Taylor Bridge Rd. Lebanon, CT …Cost is $20.00 per person Register by calling 860-887-4709 or by email at or through

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