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My primer on canning and preserving has been published by Bow Tie Press.  Despite the catchy, albeit limiting, title, the book covers the most popular types of home food preservation including canning, freezing, and pickling with recipes and how-to for jams, jellies, relishes, sauces, fruits, veggies, and much more. Plus there are beautiful, full-color photos throughout that will make you eager to jump into home food preservation.

This quote from Garrison Keillor tells the why of canning. Can It!  tells the how.

“When I was a boy, the way that you combated the winter blues was
very simple. You went down the basement. You went to the shelves that
were behind the washtub and reached up there and there were all your
mother’s canned vegetables, and jams, and peaches, and there was
corn, there was applesauce, and apple butter. And you reached down to
the end and you got a jar of stewed tomatoes. You took that up and you
took off the lid and you put some of it in a pan, and you heated it up,
and you put butter on it. And in those stewed tomatoes that you yourself
picked and helped your mother can last August, you found in those
tomatoes the courage or sunshine or whatever it was that you needed to
buck yourself up and get on with winter and not complain about it, and
of course, those were Ball canning jars!”
—Garrison Keillor, Mother Father Uncle Aunt

Click this link to open a PDF that will give you a peek at some of the pages:  CanIt_final _extract

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