so many varieties from which to choose!

thank you Belltown Orchards!

Just a real quick post this morning. Wanted to share this resource with all of you before apple season passes us by. I’ve shared information about Belltown Orchards before (remember those amazing blackberries?). You should visit the orchard and pick some apples while there are still apples around — it’s half past October and those apple days are dwindling quickly. But also check out their website of helpful and information about the fruits that they grow and how to enjoy them.

Recently they posted this listing of Apple Varieties & Uses. It will help you decide not only which apples do you want for your pies and which for your sauce, it tells you when to expect each variety, their texture, flavor, and — my favorite — storage time. Don’t bother to pick a bushel of Ginger Golds unless you plan to feed a large group since their shelf life is only about two weeks. but your Macouns will likely last until after Turkey Day and Winesaps even longer.

if you’re now hungry for applesauce

just cut up the apples and cook in heavy pan — no peeling or coring

Check out my post on applesauce for step-by-step directions for making Ava’s Applesauce. You’ve never made a sauce faster than this, thanks to Macintosh apples and a trusty Foley Food Mill.

lots of options for picking your own

Falling into the “better late than never” category, I want to mention that there are lots of options for picking your own local produce — fruits and vegetables. If you’re at a loss for finding what you need, here are some valuable resources: