strawberry rhubarb conserve going into the jars

national can-it-forward day and can-o-rama!

Quick note to call attention to this import day that is less than a week away! National Can-It-Forward Day, sponsored by, the folks who make Ball and Kerr canning products. Along the same lines, Canning Across America is sponsoring can-o-rama on July 20th. Check out both of these web sites and plan to can, or freeze, or dry, or garden, or just eat what’s fresh and local!

canning classes

If you’re new to canning and want to learn, there are lots of options. The folks at FreshPreserving have a page devoted to canning classes across the country. If you’re near central Connecticut, I’m starting classes this Saturday, July 14. We’ll be making raspberry jam (with raspberries from my garden, what else?). See the classes pages of this blog for details.