"herbs and raspberries" by s. a. linfert

there will be spring someday

I do like snow, really I do. But maybe this is sufficient. We just got another 15 inches or so; I’ve heard that the Hartford area has had more snow than Anchorage, AK, somewhere around sixty inches this year.  There is a sign posted in front of one of our area churches that reads, “Whoever prayed for snow, please stop!” Guess they didn’t stop. Maybe they won’t stop. But there’s lots of good if you take a moment to look beyond, or around the snow.

herbs and raspberries

It’s no secret that I love my raspberries. Last year’s bounty was a joy and I was happy to share them with any and all. The word goes out to the neighborhood when the raspberries start producing, “Help yourself!” I know that some do and some don’t. But what I never imagined is that my berries would end up as part of an object d’art. In late December I received a lovely holiday card from my next-door neighbor, who is a fine artist, gardener, and an information architect (interesting combination, no?). The centerpiece to the card was the image above featuring, as she described to me, “…your raspberries and my herbs.”  Simple, elegant, almost fragrant.

Today is a great day to share this beautiful image with you. I almost posted a picture of the view from my office window. The snow outside is so high that it now blocks my view. But no, the snow has had more than it’s share of press. Rather,  today’s a day to focus on things more positive, like a picture that holds both beauty and hope in one vessel. Thanks Sandy! You can pick my berries anytime.

both beautiful and practical

There’s another happy thought to share on this snowy day, and it has to do with clearing it all away so that we can go about our business. It’s January; it’s New England. Snow is what we do here, so I’m okay with it, but even “Happytone” (a moniker bestowed upon me decades ago because of my positive outlook) has to admit that clearing it away can be challenging (euphemism for pain in the butt) . That’s why I’m especially grateful to our neighbor across the street who gave us their snow blower earlier in the winter. This snow season would have been much more difficult without their generosity. Will have to double their allocation of raspberry jam next summer!